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Mr. Nghoma Maliyatabu Extension Agronomist
Mr. Ng'homa Maliyatabu Extension Agronomist
Maruku sub station office building
Chabuhora Coffee Rehabilitation Group, Karagwe District.
Farmer group at Chabuhora at Bushangaro Karagwe district admiring Robusta coffee
New Screen house, TaCRI Maruku.
Renovated Plant Pathology lab, TaCRI Maruku
Threat of CWD in Kanyigo, Kagera.
Robusta clones resistant to coffee wilt disease
Maruku Sub-Station Kagera

TaCRI Maruku sub-station is located near Bukoba town in Kagera Region. It undertakes research and development activities in its mandate area, namely the four districts of Muleba, Karagwe, Misenyi, and Bukoba where coffee (mainly Robusta) and banana farming systems are found. Area under coffee cultivation is 51,416 ha with a potential to expand to 20,774 ha. Annual average production is 21,000 tons or 320g of clean coffee per tree with the potential for 1kg per tree. Kagera region is producing one of the finest Robusta coffee in the world.

Function of the Maruku Sub-Station is to support the development of Robusta coffee industry in Kagera by disseminating proven technologies to district extension staff, farmers and estates through the provision of training courses and by promoting extension messages; and, to support the central research programme by facilitating on-farm research.