Moshi Coffee Auctions

Coffee auction is one window of coffee export in Tanzania. The auctions are conducted every week on Thursdays during the season (usually 9 months).

The second window is direct export where coffee is allowed, by the Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB), to be exported without passing through auction given the condition that it meet criteria for direct export. 

The other window is internal market where farmers sale at farm gate price to private coffee buyers, farmer groups and cooperative. 

During the coffee season, auctions are carried out at Tanzania Coffee Board in Moshi. 

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The table below presents summary of the last coffee auction. 

Current Coffee Market Price (US$/50Kg)

Mild Coffee           M/21
Grade Offered Sold High Average Low PREVIOUS AVERAGE
AA 4,307 2,888 190.00 166.77 135.00 156.14
A 1,112 981 169.00 155.24 132.00 154.28
AB 1,264 974 182.20 163.83 154.00 154.72
B 1,320 1,254 174.00 157.36 132.00 152.30
PB 973 896 176.00 156.38 130.00 159.66
C 783 675 158.00 140.32 125.00 135.45
Total 9,759 7,668        
Hard Coffee:            
Robusta Organic            
Robusta Over 18           -
Robusta Superior           -
Robusta FAQ           -
Unwashed Arabica            
Arabica Organic            
Arabica FAQ            
Total     - - -  
AUCTION RESULTS SALE NO. TCB/M/22 HELD ON 02.02.2017            
Source: Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB)            

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1. Amount offered 9,759 bags. Amount sold 7,668 bags.

2. Overall average price at Moshi exchange were up by USD 5.85/50 Kgs for Mild Arabica compared to the last auction held on 19th January 2017.

3. Moshi Exchange average prices were above the terminal market by USD 4.03/50 for Mild Arabica.

4. NY C May delivery were up by $ 3.35 cents/Lb equivalent to $ 3.69/50 kgs FOB and London (LIFFE) market May delivery were up by $ 12 per MT equivalent to $ 0.60/50 kgs FOB compared to last week terminal market.

5. Next auction will be held on 9th February, 2017.